Some common STDs


Was too well then, this is the most dangerous disease and one of the causes of the disease are caused by unsafe that teen XXX sir. Although well aware of this, but many teens do not heed it anywhere decent, but considered it “of the story, not my thing” so. Do not think that teenagers own HIV disease who are sex workers or injecting drug users. It can knock on doors.

HIV is the virus that causes immunodeficiency in humans, which means that if the teen infected with it, the ability of teens fighting disease will be weakened. When newly discovered AIDS, many patients often lose weight, coughing, diarrhea, fever, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, sore throat, sores, have nodules on the skin … Go to full-blown AIDS, the disease has be infected with diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, intestinal diseases, gynecological diseases … This is the chance of the disease, those who “warden”. However, they are the main culprits take you to the death.

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Chlamydia infections

This was transmitted diseases most common sexually transmitted. The disease can be transmitted from person to person through XXX, XXX oral including offline and disease can also spread from mother to child anymore. This disease is dangerous in that it is difficult to detect because many infected as teenagers but no obvious symptoms. However, some of the following symptoms teen to pay attention nè:

With the girl may be vaginal bleeding an unusual, intense pain during urination, pain in the abdomen and pain especially when XXX. As for the boy, it might be at the top “bird” little unusually outbreaks and around the glans itching discomfort. Besides, together with lightweight aggregates or headaches, muscle fatigue as well.

The disease not only make the teen feel pain, discomfort, light oil, but also very dangerous there. With the girl, if not treated, the disease can cause urinary tract infections, mouth, eyes, is particularly dangerous when it causes inflammation of the cervix, ovaries, if severe, then later the girl is very difficult that baby. As for the boy, the disease can cause urinary tract infections and epididymis there.

Warts disease

Genital warts (Genital herpes) is a sexually transmitted infection, can be caught in both boy and girl viral warts (HPV). If any of the following signs, the teen must see a doctor immediately offline:

With a girl, warts or found in the clitoris, labia, around the urethral meatus, perineum, may also have warts on the cervix, anus. With a boy, common warts glans groove, holsters and body “bird” small, sometimes seen in the meatus.

Of course this is a very dangerous disease, will increase the risk of cervical cancer, penis and anus. It also increases the risk of HIV infection, because HIV can enter the body easily through pimples when XXX freedom, nothing protected.

Prevention and treatment of STDs, how’s this?

Teen remember this, not by preventive treatment, and prevention is easier than cure, so the best way is that we must prevent STDs offline.

The only way to prevent STDs is complete we say “no” to all forms of XXX. But if you try to decide XXX, you let condom protect offline.

The teen also should tell parents to go check regularly watch “machinery” of his no matter what. The doctor will help teens learn how to protect themselves and help teen timely detection of diseases. Especially if the teen saw unusual signs in enclosed areas, teenagers do not be afraid, but to go to the doctor right there.

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