How to prevent and treat gonorrhea

Gonorrhea precautions:

Health education for everyone, propagating the dangerous complications of gonorrhea vatrieu evidence in women and symptoms of gonorrhea in men.
Physical hygiene and genitals, especially before and after relations relations must clean the genitals.
Do not share towels, underwear with others.
Safe sex, use a condom correctly to protect you and your partner.
1 1 unfaithful husband and wife.
If you have gonorrhea, it is strictly forbidden to have sex to avoid spreading illness to others and to treat the disease stopped avoid infection.
If there are signs of suspicious disease requiring medical care immediately for early detection of disease and timely treatment to avoid serious complications occur.
Treat gonorrhea:
– Currently, the treatment is still illegal bactericidal antibiotics.
– The treatment must be carried out in all seriousness: the patient must follow the doctor’s instructions and coordinate cooperation with the doctors to treat the disease effectively.
– During treatment prohibits sexual relations may cause spread the disease to others and themselves against the disease re-infected again and heavier.

I wish you well implement measures to prevent gonorrhea and effective for treating gonorrhea to stay healthy and happy.

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