You guys just do not bring bags selfish when relations go. His wife will definitely suffer from this disease.

The mother, husband reminded to wear a condom!

I was pressing it for so long, have written today to the new exhaust.

I do not know why but a lot of male Vietnam refuses to use a condom when having sex spouses. The pipes draw hundreds of thousands of reasons: Use cover, there is no feeling, how irritating users, it is not located within its parent star once for convenience, complete the purchase of drugs for wife drink …

I tell the truth, the thought was very selfish. The only wish he praises himself without concern that “accidentally” stick elected unwanted pregnancy to go away not only affect the health of his wife, but also the long-term impact on sentiment. I have seen a mother, just because of unplanned and forced abortion because otherwise husbands will be disciplined. Abortion done, she suffered from depression, people mourn every silly because the guilt and tormented for a long time. She had to go treat psychological trauma … to now okay but told her she often dreamed of a child to follow her to begging and demanding nostalgic treble. I heard that just pulled a face just pity the gut … Anyway, who is also his own nipples. Is anyone brave their intestines cut knob to go? Couple_in_bed_61

Do not stack by way responsible of all things related to safe sex and contraception offline.

The husband sometimes because relatives do not want to trouble myself also ask his wife or IUD contraceptive pill. This solution is more stable, but I believe that putting anything into your body more harm no less harmful also. Any sisters ever emergency contraception pills also understand its side effects: causes dizziness, fatigue, headache, nausea, flushing of people, hypertension and probably would be menorrhagia, irregular menstruation. Each month, take maximum 2 contraceptive pill; so that the mother had drank four times, then the husband has to understand all the consequences that his wife suffered or just know the praises of love for yourself? Daily Pill also work this much, just a bit lesser extent …

I have a boy friend chronic gynecological disease fighting off forever. Asked the cause, the doctor says many factors including the toilet. He said: “I very carefully, but my husband discovered urinating never finished washing, just waved few are done. I react, he snapped, men Where does that every time a woman went to wash? Tao terrible you sir. I’m also from infections that out. ”

My Belgian friend had 3-year-old boy, his attention is always joking with me: “Hey boy, safe sex with condoms”. I laughed and said: “Why so early to teach it.” Photo of apple juice in this one for the kids taught son from childhood to us it consciously for the use of condoms.

So, the way mothers do not also responsible husband by all things related to safe sex and contraception offline. Please protect yourself by … BCS indoor storage, because the mother also know, condoms are one of the best current invention; it is not only effective in preventing sexually transmitted infection but also as “assistants” effective in preventing pregnancy.

There is a recent study of China was published in the journal PLoS One result is a condom can help our vagina of healthy there, Mom!

Other studies also indicate that sex is not safe will affect the acidity of the vagina, thus affecting the beneficial bacteria, such as lactobacilli. To find out whether the contraceptive hormone has no effect on the concentration of lactobacilli do not, the researchers at the Beijing Friendship Hospital has conducted tests on 164 women with sexual activity. The doctor let them use one of the contraception such as condoms, IUD and coitus interruptus. The results showed that compared with women who use an IUD measures and external ejaculation who used a condom with the highest concentration of lactobacilli.

Why so? Sex using a condom will provide a barrier to semen affect the natural pH of the vagina. This is great because the level of healthy lactobacilli may help prevent yeast infections, urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginosis. It can even help protect the mother against more serious diseases such as sexually transmitted infection, HIV and premature birth.

Previously the researchers said lactobacilli are regulated by estrogen, so the use of contraceptive hormones as birth control pills, contraceptive patch, IUD also helps to strengthen the defense capabilities of the mother. In fact, hormonal contraceptives are not for everyone so the mother should be persuaded to use condoms husband then, and secure, just clean …

I was very afraid to insert the implant into the people (because I saw my friend rod contraceptive implant painful swollen eventually removed because the body can not tolerate the contraceptive rod). Count me forgetfulness should have tried taking birth control pills 1-2 times monthly, but forget that you are scared. Emergency contraceptive pills are never used me then that. I just swearing to her husband: “My husband, I have two kids now, but if broken, I still plan to jog birth, where you do not give me, give me much evil. If he refuses to use a condom, you can vote before birth, he kept working mother is raising three. Raising three kids but every 10 siblings weight, but I love you! “. Just like that, but I’m afraid horripilation husband, was always prepared bags. If you have missed out how it … so fast.

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