The contraception safe and effective

The natural contraceptive methods can help couples avoid these problems negatively affect health, to the pleasure during sex, such as using condoms. Let thuocbothan View “sum of safe contraceptive methods and the most effective” offline!

1. A method of contraception: As safe day menstrual cycle

– A menstrual cycle of women usually lasts 28-35 days. You do want to use natural contraception can safely count day, the day is not safe for pregnant through monthly menstrual cycles.

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Natural contraception is only applicable to women with regular menstrual cycles each month. And the unstable periods do not recommend applying this type of contraceptive offline!


Each month, an egg usually falls on the 14th of the next menstrual period, after releasing the egg in the fallopian tube will live 1-2 days to wait for fertilization, sperm can live in the reproductive tract of the XX 2 -3 days. Therefore, before and after ovulation days, fertility is very easy.

What you intend to do “sex” and use natural contraception is best to “perform” before and after menstruation 1 week adequacy ratio is very high. Also stay away from the time before and after the 3-4 loss the day before nhé

2. The method of contraception: coitus interruptus

– This method of contraception has been widely used for at least two millennia and is still used today. Although coitus interruptus does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases or HIV, but it can be an effective contraceptive options like using condoms, the pregnancy rate is only 3-4%.


The man withdraws his penis from the woman’s vagina before ejaculation and semen shot out. This method really safe only when a husband or boyfriend must have the ability to control the body to prevent the semen into the vagina of the woman.

3. The method of contraception: Relations half and lactation first 6 months after birth

3.1. Methods of contraception with postpartum mothers first 6 months

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– This measure is only effective while ensuring 3 conditions:

+ Your children under 6 months old;

+ You must be fully breastfeeding breastfeeding: feeding continuously, whenever the baby wants to breastfeed, your baby is not eating any more;

+ Do not have an economic return.

3.2 Relations half

It means you have only two caresses, cuddling, giving each other sexual pleasure, not only to avoid the penis into the vagina, with help from partners such as masturbation, … avoid the crystal translation output near his door because you just need a little female semen drops into the vagina and can cause particular conception of the day of ovulation, the possibility is higher.

4. Food helps effective contraception

There are foods that hinder effective large conceive effective if you use frequently and repeatedly, such as tofu and soy products, garlic, papaya, coffee and foods containing caffeine…

Contraception by foods effective only when used regularly and continuously, but should only be used with other contraceptive measures to improve the effectiveness of contraception rather than regular use as it will impair reproductive health.

5. contraception with support tools

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Currently, there are many effective contraceptive methods and the ability to control up to 95% of pregnancies.

– IUD: This method only works for effective contraception, but can not protect you from these diseases sexually transmitted infection.

– The Pill: Birth control pills work to prevent the fertilization of the sperm and the egg, this is the common method is widely used to prevent pregnancy by usability.

– Patch contraceptives, contraceptive injections, implants, …

– Condoms: The most common way to not have to carry unwanted pregnancies, while preventing most diseases transmitted sexually, even AIDS is to use a condom. Currently, there are all kinds of condoms for men and women, so you can be assured to actively use them whenever necessary. Using condoms for men and women

These are safe contraceptive methods and effective that you can research and choose one of the contraception suit your situation best. However, at present, condoms are more people using condoms because it is more efficient just to avoid an unwanted pregnancy to prevent the infection of sexually transmitted diseases.

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