Benefits from the harmony in sexual relations with women

Slow down the aging process

According to research by scientists in Scotland confirmed that maintaining regular sex 3 times / week will make your face younger than three years old. Even suatquan increased sexual frequency will increase immunity and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Sexual beneficial for the beauty in women, you just need to maintain the habit of regular conjugal relationship and reasonable.

Lose weight

Sex help drain a certain amount of calories, helps muscles thighs and buttocks activities contribute to the slender body of the woman.

Sexual beneficial for the beauty in women. Illustration.

Soft skin

Sex triggers orgasm, will facilitate the production of sexual hormones. Women with sexual hormone is secreted by the ovaries, stimulating the supply of water to the skin, the epidermis will make light and soft. On the other hand the relationship will cause increased body temperature, sweating and blood flow better, so the skin will have a layer of resistance against the aging process better.

Menstrual conditioning

Sexual pleasure in contributing to balance hormones, so the cycle will more regularly.

Protecting reproductive organs

The study showed that women who have sex regularly and less rational gynecological diseases, fewer uterine cancer, breast and ovarian. However, this case is only true when performing single relationship with a man. If relations with many men, the result is the opposite due to genital infections.

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Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

When your sex life fullness, everything will stronger. Your relationship with your husband, with colleagues, with friends and intimate, more open. Researchers at Queens University in the US have discovered the couple having sex three times a week halve the risk of heart attack and stroke. The wives often try to eat better husband and encourage them to exercise regularly but no diet or jogging in the morning can be a good healthy sexual activity and fullness.

Avoiding the possibility of divorce

Some people thought that sex anyway only physical but in fact it is an important basis for the spiritual life. A judge has worked in divorce court years commented: “A couple may disagree on many aspects, but if they still achieve satisfactory sex, the possibility of divorce has not happened yet.” Wives often reach sexual climax often behaved with gentle husband, gentleness, humility, openness, humor funnier. Especially it as a “mosaic” made them charming, attractive.

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