Using condoms is very simple for those who have used the past, otherwise it difficult for newcomers. Using condoms correctly so that is what you need to know when the first time to use it.

Manual condoms for men

Check the condom before use

– Condoms must be the term used, the package is intact, not curly package, software, color patchy.

Guide How to use a condom is used immediately after the peel pack. Make sure that you wear a condom before any sexual activity. Condoms will help you avoid pregnancy in addition to prevent the possibility of infectious diseases spread through sexual contact. Attention should take action slowly and gently (especially when making others), prevent damage to containers.
Manual condoms Look closely to the circumferential direction within condoms to track which will ensure the penis is covered. Squeeze a small bulge at the top of the bag for the air bag out (obtained semen receptacle and prevent perforation, tank bag when ejaculation).
Manual condoms not let go of the knob condoms, put a condom on the head of the penis and used his other hand to root on the penis. During sex, if condoms were washed back up, please scroll down to the right to avoid the sack slip cover out. If you slip out, you suspend relations and bring a new condom on.
Manual condoms Immediately after ejaculation, and while the penis is still hard, condoms must be hold on the penis before withdrawing the penis from the vagina. You grab bag and wrapped in tissue paper, to the trash, do not be flushed down the toilet.
Note the use of condoms

How the moment should withdraw the penis while erect. One hand should hold the condom, how to avoid or semen into the vagina may drop as time expired. To prevent pregnancy and thorough hygiene, handwashing attention and genitals several times with warm water and soap, then wipe dry with a towel separately. Note not to penis close female genitals, because semen still secreted within two hours after ejaculation.

The risks when using a condom

Condoms can slip off the penis after ejaculation, torn by not properly used or torn out of the package, torn or slipping because broken plastic material (usually due expiry date, storage improperly maintained or oiled). The rate of condom is torn from 0.4% to 2.3%, the rate slipped 0.6% and 1.3%. A summary of 10 studies with many different types of condoms have a failure rate average (both torn or slipped) is 8.04%

Depending on the type of failure to use condoms that have the level of penetration of different semen. One study showed that when torn sack semen is penetrated half did not use condoms. When slip is only 1/5 infiltrated semen .. Although if a condom is not torn or slipped, 1-2% of women are still being checked semen after sex use condoms rubber, due to permeation through the rubber membrane. Using two condoms at the same time also increase the likelihood of broken condoms.

Especially, even when using a condom properly, the risk of AIDS infection is still about 20-25% because the virus is very small size (only 0.1 microns), sometimes can pass through the membrane condoms rubber and transmitted to sexual partners .. another study also for prevalence of each use up to 33%. If you know about this ratio, of course, no one dares to ignore when AIDS is a deadly disease with no cure. This becomes dangerous when many people think that just using a condom will prevent the absolute risk of HIV transmission.

Condom fit for most standard penis size, although many manufacturers sell tight or large. Some manufacturers also sell condoms fit the penis size customers and ensure that they are reliable and more pleasure increases. Several studies show a correlation between large penises and condoms tearing, who little high and low slip rate (and vice versa), but other studies did not find this.

Thickness is not related to the torn, condoms are more effective thin thick kind. However, manufacturers are advised to avoid producing too thick or too thin types because they are less efficient. Many authors also recommend using thin because of “reliability, pleasure and comfort”, but the authors warn that “condoms thinner then need a smaller force to tear them”.

Condom users have experienced the ability to break or slip lower than first-time users, although people who were slipping or tearing once the ability to slide a second torn or higher.

The steps to use condoms correctly

The steps to use condoms correctly

Why use condoms still get pregnant?

Among those who use contraceptive methods in condom, a person will get pregnant while having sex do not use condoms. He or she can best condoms, or are traveling and do not have a condom, or simply want to try the feeling and decided to try it once. Such behavior is the main cause leading to abortion.

How is painless abortion

One other cause of failure was due to sabotage your situation. One of the motives is to have children left with the desire or consent of the partners. Several Nigerian sex workers reported that clients sabotaging condoms in retaliation for being forced to use a condom. Using a fine needle stabbed several holes at the top of the condom is said to significantly reduce the effectiveness of condoms.