Condoms are made of what?

Latex or synthetic resin is the key raw material for the production of condoms, also known as “raincoat”. Condoms made of latex with a higher ability to prevent the disease from spreading through sexual intercourse and unwanted pregnancy than plastic, because “rain coat” made of latex tougher and more closed. However, polyurethane condoms are preferable because the fit most men.


Many people believe that condoms only a single size. Along the same as other products, condoms also have many different sizes, suitable for the size of each “small boy”. Size of each type of condom is manufactured based on the width of the penis when erect. So you can rest assured and comfortable to “love”, select the appropriate size for yourselves.

Scent and lubricant


The manufacturer wants to meet the growing needs of consumers by creating more scent for condoms, to increase the comfort for the user. Lubricating oil is one of the “workhorse” help “small boy” easily penetrate. However, many types of lubricants have the ability to kill sperm.


Some condoms have first caps to contain sperm, others do not have this characteristic. If the cap is kind of product you are using, you should note that to avoid air leak into the process of peeling condoms to use, such as they are easy to tear.


Condoms for men and women are the most typical products in the market today. However many people are very easy to confuse the two types by looking through them quite similar, so consider carefully before making a decision. Either use no matter what kind they are also safety measures to prevent the spread of disease through sex and unwanted pregnancies.