1. “My wife and I like ‘love’ ‘under the shower. I did not use birth control pills so he must use the’ how ‘. A bag gets wet contraceptive effect is not?”

– If using a condom correctly and constantly in the process of “briefings”, the “how” is still effective contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted infection, even if it gets wet.

You should ensure that the sperm (or sperm when he has not “made”) can not slip into the vagina as “love”. If so, you’re new to minimize the possibility of unintended pregnancy.

2. “I have reserves of condoms in the drawer for months. Is this what the bags are safe when used or do I need to buy a new bag?”

– You should avoid condoms stored in the thermal power sector, such as in a purse, in the car or the like. Because they can make the condom is torn, damaged. Instead, you should preserve condoms in a dry, cool place.

You should also check the expiry date before the wrapper. If condoms are overdue or damaged signs, you should buy a new one. Conversely, you can still use the bags were stored in a drawer for a month or longer.

3. “I’m allergic to condoms. I do?”

– Approximately 1-2% of women (or men) with signs of allergy to latex material (raw material for the production of condoms). In this case, you can switch to condoms made of plastic.

Some people are allergic to topical lubricants are added to condoms in order to support the process of relationship, but they mistakenly believe that you may be allergic to condoms. In this case, you try to stop the slippery oiling the inside (or outer) condoms and consider the reaction of vaginal intercourse.

4. “End of relationship, I see his private parts wet. Was it a sign of condoms has torn it?”

– You can check the condom immediately after his “withdrawal” to see it intact or not. Some cases, the condom was torn, but also hard to detect with the naked eye.

Your private parts can get wet due to:

* Condoms torn overflow semen during sex.

* You use too much oil slick on the surface of the condom.

* When you orgasm, vaginal discharge also wet. Therefore, if you are not sure about the status of condoms can break, you should use emergency contraceptive pills afterward.

5. “How to choose a standard size bag for him?”

First, you should buy a few different types of bags and let him search for the most suitable type for themselves. You can ask the opponent to feel when worn:

* If he felt a little cramped, you should suggest to him how to switch to a larger size.

* If he feels loose, you should suggest to him how to switch to a better fit. Remember that, and bags as well as clothes, you should choose for his outfit and comfortable fit.

6. “Occasionally, we use a cover for 2 times the relationship. Although I have carefully pour a little water into the bag, do not see signs of water leakage it. Should I continue using condoms rubber like this? ”

– You should not reuse a condom in this way. The use of the condom will increase the opportunity for sperm (crashed outside shell) enters the vagina, causing unintended pregnancy or suffer from sexually transmitted infection.

And bags are reusable and easily torn or broken during sex. So the best, you should always use a cover for a relationship. If used properly, the ability to prevent unwanted pregnancy condom up to 98%.

7. “Is it safe if he used two condoms at the same time?”

– Two condoms are nested will increase the risk of tearing bags. The reason is that under the effect of friction in the relationship, the surface of the cover 2 will be abrasive and cause a broken shell.

Using 2 which is not necessary. You should only suggest to him how to use a properly is safe enough to contraception.